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Tesco is pleased to offer partnership opportunities through our engineering company, Total Engineering Solutions, LLC. Launched in late 2014, this company brings nearly 30 years of professional experience and offers full service engineering and surveying capabilities. At Tesco, we recognize what our partners need in the construction industry and are working to find the best solutions for them everyday.


Total Engineering Solutions has gathered experience dealing with municipal/utility, institutional and private development projects. Our team is prepared to to assist today and welcome the opportunity. For details contact Don Humphrey, PE, Director Engineering Service(317-691-5294 or dhumphrey@tesco-solutions.com) or Mark Bowell, Director Business Development (317-840-8111 or mbowell@tesco-solutions.com).

Tesco's engineering team will make your next job easier.

Engineering Services

If you have a project coming up, but you are missing a qualified team of engineers, let Tesco help you. Tesco's team has a wide set of skills and can make your project easier, no matter how big the scope of the project might be. Are you looking for specific engineering services? Tesco specializes in the following engineering services:


-  Civil/Site Design (Commercial, Residential, Institutional)

-  Utility Infrastructure Design (Sanitary and Water)

-  Water and Wastewater Treatment Design

-  On-Site Treatment Systems Design (Septic Systems)

-  Drainage, Storm Water Detention, and Storm Sewer design

-  Erosion Control (Rule 5) Design and Permitting

-  Storm Water Quality Design and Permitting

-  Storm Water Permitting (Rule 13)

-  Utility and Sitework Permitting

-  Water System Modeling

-  Construction Administration & Project Management

-  Construction Observation

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Surveying Services

Do you need a team of surveyors who can skillfully help stake out your property? Tesco's team is a highly-qualified, helpful team of surveyors who can get the job done right.  Tesco's surveying team specializes in the following construction surveying services:


-  Topographic Surveys

-  Boundary and ALTA Surveys

-  Right of Way Engineering

-  Route Surveys

-  Utility Easement Preparation

-  Construction Staking

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